10 Amazing Facts Of The Incredibly Normal: Cotton Candy

What’s a carnival without one of America’s sweetest gifts, cotton candy? One of the greatest treats to any happy occasion cotton candy is one of my favorite snacks. But how much do you know about its history? Here are 10 facts about the very normal food of cotton candy.


1. Cotton candy was invented in 1897 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton
2. William Morrison, one of the co-inventors of cotton candy was a lawyer and author, but most interestingly enough, he was also a dentist. I knew it; it was all just a plan to get you to see

the dentist.
3. When it was originally introduced, it was called ‘fair floss’
4. In 1920 the term cotton candy was coined
5. Cotton Candy is
made from only one ingredient, sugar
6. Although made from pure sugar most of the volume is empty space, making cotton candy not nearly as unhealthy as one may think
7. When it first debuted at the World Fair in 1904, it sold for 25 cents per box and sold over 68,000 boxes; it was a huge success and brought in a massive profit
8. Although it was originally only 25 cents, at the time it was the equivalent value of $6. Can you imagine paying 6 bucks for a box of cotton candy?
9. December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day
10. By 1972 cotton candy became mass produced allowing its consumption even after the carnivals had left town

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