Trust, Should You Trust Anyone In Life?

          Trust is a very important thing in life. When you are young you take it for granted but when you are an adult you take heed or attach importance to it. So many times good friends just let us down. So many betrayals in this world have been committed by people we term as best friends.

          In life so many individuals marry their best friends, When your best friend betrays you in a form of a partner in romantic relationship, it feels like a stab in the heart. It is

very painful since emotions form a major part of our life.

            A friend may be bad but he or she might have that one thing which is the ability to fulfill promises and keep secrets. In life you learn so many things when you are growing up and most at times many people conclude that human beings are bad people.

           Sometimes you feel better when you have no friend. Friends are good but friends who take your love, care, guidance and above all trust are friends you tend not to trust anymore. Who should you trust

in your life.

             One astonishing thing is that when you trust and have believe in someone the person in turn take you granted. Sometimes many individuals make people who are meek look like fools all the time. I would say that it is better to be with someone than to be alone but trusting that one person is a very difficult thing.

             In relationship trust is a very important thing. If you break up with your woman or man and you successfully reconcile your differences and come back together, you don’t expect your partner to trust you the way he or she once did. You took something away from him or her and it would take time for you to actually win your partner’s heart and above all trust .

             Trust no one in life, because the moment they break your heart, if you don’t take care you will be a living dead.

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