15 Amazing Facts Of The Incredibly Normal: Fans

Some less commonly known facts about your normal every day electrical fan.


One of the earliest fans used were called the Punkah, used in 500 B.C. India the Punkah was a portable fan made from Palmyra leaves.


  1. A mechanical fan is a machine used to create flow within a gas such as air
  2. The first mechanical fan was invented by Omar-Rajeen Jumala in 1832 and it was operated by workers pulling ropes.
  3. The first electrical fans made their debut appearance in the 1880’s and were mostly made from brass.
  4. Brass is also used in many band instruments such as the trumpet, brass instruments produce a
    unique sound that vibrates with the players’ lips. They are also called labrosones
  5. Fans do not actually decrease the temperature of the room
  6. Instead they push air around your body to create the sensation of coolness.
  7. They also help ventilate you room by pushing out ‘stale’ air and pushing fresh air into your room, which is why it is advised to have a window open to complement your fan.
  8. Ceiling fans work very similarly to normal desktop electric fans in that they do not actually lower the temperature of the surrounding air.
  9. Ceiling fans don’t only help in hot weather but they can also help you feel warmer in the winter. Most ceiling fans have a reverse feature that helps push hot air down (because hot air usually rises therefore not allowing you to feel its warmth). This feature is especially useful for homeowners with higher ceilings.
  10. Ceiling fans also require a specific rotor-blade angle, too much would burn out its motor, too little and the blade would simply cut the air without pushing it anywhere. According to some a specific angle of 14 degrees should be perfect, no less and no more.
  11. There are 3 main types of fans, Axial-flow fans, Centrifugal fans, and cross flow fans.
  12. I'm not even joking here, but in South Korea it is a held belief that running fans at night can kill.

    Commonly known as ‘fan death’ (appropriately enough) is the belief that fans can kill people by sucking away people’s air or causing hypothermia at night. Others also believe that the motor itself produces enough CO2 to suffocate you.
  13. The belief is so strong that fan companies implement a timer on fans so that they don’t stay on too long at night. Don’t believe me, look it up yourself. Here’s some links to start you off.




Though evidence for this phenomenon is incredibly low if not none, despite there being no real scientific basis the urban legend seems to stay strong in South Korea.
So please don't get paranoid about the fans in your home, this is an extremely isolated event that only seems to occur in South Korea oddly enough. But if the craze still scares you then just use the AC, it actually decreases the temperature of your home.

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