15 Amazing Facts Of The Incredibly Normal: Hot Dogs

It is one of the greatest American foods to exist and one of my favorite selections of meaty foods, the hot dog. The hot dog is a fantastic little sausage squeezed between 2 warm buns covered in condiments is a great “on the back porch” foods. But how much do you know about one of America’s food treasures. Here are 15 amazing facts of the incredibly normal thing of hot dogs.

1. More than 20 Billion hot dogs are consumed annually by the United States.
2. This means that every second of every day over 630 hot dogs are eaten.

/> 3. During the 4th of July, over 175 million hot dogs are eaten on this day alone.
4. It takes an average of 6.1 bites to finish a hot dog, based on average mouth size.
5. July was made National Hot Dog Month in 1972 by the U.S. Chambers of Congress
6. Hot dogs are usually made with pork, beef and some chicken
7. Hot dogs are also made with meat trimmings, which are unused pieces of meat that weren’t used for steak and other stuff.
8. Mustard is the most used topping among adults
9. They can usually be eaten without cooking them, because they are cooked before
packaging. However it is still safer to cook them again before consumption.
10. 7-11 sells the most hot dogs per year out of any other retailer in America
11. They sell approximately 100 million franks annually.
12. Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayash1 set the world record for the most hot dogs ever eaten in 12 minutes in 2006. The record was 53 & ¾ hot dogs.
13. Some hot dogs still use intestines as casings, but they are usually labeled with “natural casings”.
14. Ketchup is the most popular condiment with children
15. The longest hot dog was measured to be 1,996 feet long to honor the 1996 Olymipics. It was created by Sarah Lee Corp.


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