A Lonely Heart...

A poem that is written as a sad narrative, melancholy as disputes of the heart begin to come to the fore. A heart wrenching, extremely sad write that touches into deep emotions and pain. The prompt for this write is "deep sorrow". A poem that is written in free verse and is an imagery poem.


Caught in rivalry tossed over,
crashing waves of despair.
A heart in lonely tides, neither here nor there.
Search continues to fill a void, desperate.
Silent pondering only lost to the wind,
waiting in self destruction quantified.
Moments somber, a yearning not defined,
hiding realms of

a void incomplete.

Tears of a heart never happy,
searching always for depths,
somewhat unknown.
Delinquent calm in face of success,
emptiness washing over, all consuming.

A tale left unanswered, the puzzle incomplete,
jailed turmoil waiting to break loose,
eating away as pain mighty

Shock to electric pulses, thoughts conjuring
emptiness beyond measure.

Plans gone all wrong, wrapped,
in subtle beauty of ironies,
catapulting into a blinding madness.
The dregs of life as culmination,
perfectly incomplete, a stance almost suicidal.

Author Notes:

A very sad, heart wrenching write that captures the essence of a lonely heart, so lost to the troubles of inner demons. This is an imagery poem, written in free verse.


Article Written By GDop26

RIT student

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