15 Amazing Facts Of The Incredibly Normal: Soap

It’s something that we probably take for granted, but it has saved millions of lives while also preventing billions of disease cases in the world. It is often seen as the icon of being clean; it is soap. Welcome to another part of the series of “Amazing facts of the Incredibly Normal”, as we look at 15 cool facts about soap.


1. Liquid soap was first patented by William Shepphard on August 22nd, 1865
2. It was made from palm and olive oils.
3. Liquid soap wasn’t widely available until 1980, when Minnetonka came into play.
4. The first modern

liquid soap was introduced in 1980, it was called Soft Soap.
5. Modern liquid soap is made from Lye and oils. On a pH scale, oils are usually acidic, while Lye is incredibly base.
6. When the 2 main ingredients are combined using saponification, which is the process that turns lye and fats/oils into soap.
7. Foam soap if formed by 2 separate chambers in the container. One pumps air while the other pumps soap, and when they are pushed through the same nozzle simultaneously foam is formed.
8. Although foam is quite common in our day, there is currently no scientific or mathematical explanation for how stiff the structure of foam will be in any given circumstance.
9. Foam is roughly 5% liquid and 95% gas; this composition allows you to save on liquid soap, if you have “this
foam soap dispenser” of course though. Which can be found here available for purchase at Vat19: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/foam-soap-pump-dispenser.cfm?adid=youtube
10. US citizens use the most soap, 25lbs.
11. China currently uses the last, 2oz.
12. 10 billion pounds of soap are produces annually.
13. Soap has existed in way or another for thousands of years. The exact date it was invented remains unknown.
14. Although it is known that primitive soap was made from animal fat.
15. There is a Kickstarter project where the bar of soap is design to fit into another bar of soap when it shrinks in size, thus creating an infinite chain of no-waste soap bars. It can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1627046474/stack-soap-bars-that-combine-no-wasted-or-broken-p?play=1&ref=users

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