Why Is It Called Black Friday?

Black Friday initiates the beginning of the Christmas season in America. It is said by advertisers and consumers who partake of it that it is the biggest sales date in any year. Deals on electronics seem to be some of the better deals since the latest models of many items could cost as much as an item two and or three years before.

I know the one time I went to a Black Friday that I was fortunate to get great savings on a sale that included purchasing an open box. Yes, some stores have open boxes and will even let

you buy a floor model during Black Friday.  Consider how much more one can save and how much quicker it would be also to get to other parts of the store for more savings or simply leave the packed houses you will be sure to find during what is pegged by retailers, the biggest sale of the year.

Black Friday is not new. There has always been a great surge of shoppers the day after Thanksgiving which makes sense since many people are getting ready for Christmas shopping and sales have traditional begun after the big turkey day for many Americans.  The term itself according to the reference source at the end of this article, began in Philadelphia back in 1966.  As a matter of fact, the link has a picture of what a typical storefront

can look like during a Black Friday sale. Apparently, the Philadelphia police coined the phrase referring to the massive crowds, overtime and overwork police officers expected on the day after Thanksgiving due to consumers trying to benefit from great sales.  Originally, sales would start around 4:00 am.  During previous years, the danger of large crowds have caused retailers to reconsider opening early in the morning and instead open moments after midnight. It has proven to be safer since shoppers have more than 12 hours to shop under those conditions.  In previous years, some consumers have been crushed to death.

Although Black Friday, which is not a holiday, some businesss will give workers time off to take advantage of the sale day.  Think about honestly asking your boss if you can have time off.  They may find consideration for you to do so.  The day after Thanksgiving for shopping may be a very busy day for retailers and consumers alike, but Christmas day still either beats it out or at the least would be tied for crowds since on Christmas there is not only mega sales, but also returns.


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