3 Elegant And Unique Bars Of Soap

Still using that bar of soap, but you’re tired of seeing that same block of soap in your dish? Perhaps it is time to spice up your soap bars, with something … different. Here are 3 of the more elegant bars of soap that will add a bit of oriental zing to your bathrooms. I will show you 3 bizarre yet beautiful soap bars hosted by vat19.


1. Soap Stones
Now these aren’t stones that act like soap, these are soap bars shaped like the little pebbles found in koi fish ponds. They bring a natural glow to your

home and making your house guests and you feel more in touch with nature. Each order comes with 15 of these fantastic stone soaps. This is personally my favorite of the list.

Available here for $8: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/soapstones-hand-soap.cfm


2. Goldfish in a bag
This one had me confused for over 5 minutes as I tried to figure out how it worked. It appears to be a goldfish being contained in the little plastic baggies – like the ones in “Finding Nemo” – and is supposed to be a … bar of soap. In reality the goldfish in a bag is just

a plastic fish surrounded in a clear glycerin soap ‘bag’. It is designed such that if you use it long enough, the ‘bag’ will wash away to reveal the little toy fishy in the center.

Available here for $5: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/goldfish-in-a-bag-soap.cfm


3. SoapShells
These beautifully made and scented shells are sure to bring you closer to the ocean and its glory. Shaped liked sea shells, each package contains 3 scented shells. Just make sure you inform your guests that there are indeed soap bars, they may be in for a nice surprise.
Though pretty, they are quite expensive compared to the previous 2.

They can be bought for $10 here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/soapshells-hand-soap.cfm


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