3 Glorious Clock Décor For Your Room

Do you have a clock in your home? Well of course you do, who doesn’t; so maybe it’s just a boring digital clock – shame on you – which isn’t too ‘traditional’. It is ‘time’ to spice up your beautiful abode with some classy non digital clocks.

Pop Quiz Clock
This unique and incredibly geeky time keeping device challenges your math abilities. No longer will telling the time be a boring or effortless task. Now it will challenge you while twisting your brain a bit. Available in both the blackboard and the whiteboard look, the pop quiz clock will

be a perfect gift for your nerdy friends or for your nerdy self, like me. So whip out your calculators – you probably haven’t used that thing since high school or college – if you want to know the time. Pick one up at thinkgeek for $27.

Light Up Moon Clock
This minimalistic clock features our very own moon and 3 hands, an hour, minute, and second hand. There are no numbers on the face of the clock – just like how our moon doesn’t have numbers on it, while also not being made of cheese – with the glow up ability of the clock. The moon clock glows when the lights are turned off revealing the fantastic glory that you purchased it for; they can be purchased online for around 35 dollars.

Melting Clock
Similar to the painting “The Persistence of Memory” this clock melts onto whatever surface you may have. Perhaps you don’t care for clocks unless they work (even if they do look incredibly awesome), but that’s when I tell you

that they CAN tell time and operates well. Using precision quarts movement this classy clock will jazz up your room with its glorious look and is sure to surprise your housemates when they realize that it’s more than just some fancy décor; but that it has both functionality and a brilliant display for your home. For being the cheapest one on this list it is also my favorite – and I wouldn’t mind if you guys sent me one, well I’m just joking on that one – clock on this list.

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