3 More Fantastic Soap Inventions And Products

I’ve done my fair share of soap articles and I’ve tried placing related soap products together; however, that plan doesn’t always fold out correctly. Here are 3 more cool soap innovations that were just too original to really fit into a smaller sub-category, so instead they deserve their own little spot. Here are 3 really extravagant soap inventions.

STACK Soap Bars
Introduced by Aric Norine, it has raised almost $18,000 on the indie funding site Kickstarter. The STACK soap bar is exactly what its name implies; it is a stackable bar of soap. What it aims to solve is the

waste of bar soap as it becomes too small to be feasible. It accomplishes this problem with its compact and clever design, the top of each new STACK bar can a small indentation that is shaped like a bowl. That way when the previous bar shrinks down, it will be able to fit inside this bowl indentation. When the newly conjoined bar melts down, it can be replaced back into another new STACK bar; this cycle can now continue until you run out of bars. The Stack is well designed to be aesthetically pleasing in your washrooms while also performing its function well. It is available on Amazon – for $12.56 for a 6-pack – and currently holds an >4 star customer of who praise its ingenuity and design values.

Meat Soap
There’s no riddle involved here, the Meat Soap really is just soap that smells like meat. Successfully funded with over $1,900

the Meat Soap uses otherwise wasted animal materials and uses them to create a meaty scent for the soap bars; however tempting it may be, their pleasantly delicious aroma doesn’t make them safe to consume, they will still taste awful.

Foam Soap Pump Dispenser
Finally something not funded through Kickstarter, the Foam Soap Pump Dispenser is a re-usable foaming soap dispenser that takes most soap brands. What makes this product special is that it does not require a foaming soap brand to make the foaming soap, all it requires is that you fill it up to a certain – marked point – then you fill the rest of the container with water, followed by a light shaking. Voila, you’ve not got a bottle of foaming soap. The significant advantage of the foaming soap is of course its soap efficiency by using less soap for more washing.


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