5 Bizarre And Delightful Sea Creatures

We have seen plenty of cute and ugly cat videos by now and it may be time for a break from those “lolz cats”. And you’ve also seen plenty of cute and furry land creatures like dogs, cats, and hedgehogs. But have you ever thought of looking in the oceans, or even in the deepest of trenches? Probably not, but I will enlighten you on some of the strangest and perhaps very cute – and squishy looking – sea creatures.


1. Dumbo Octopus
Named because of its resemblance to Dumbo the elephant from Disney’s very own 1941 animated film.

They are one of the rarest of the octopoda (just a fancy word for octopus) family and can live anywhere between 400 to 4,800 meters deep – that’s almost 3 miles deep – and have ear like fins protruding from its head. They can also shoot bursts of water from their funnel combined with the movements of their fin to move about the sea floor where they hunt for prey. Although they are usually very small the largest one ever recorded weight 13lbs. and was measure 6 feet in length. So far 18 species of dumbo octopuses have been discovered.

2. Sea Pigs
Now depending on whom you may be these things may either appear incredibly horrendous or oddly cute, like they do to me. From a first glance some of them look like bladders while others look like balloons wrapped around a pickle. They are generally found at depths of 1,000m and feed on the creatures hidden in the mud on the sea bed. Usually traveling in packs of 300 or 600, these scotoplanes received their names from little legs and its pinkish hue. It uses its appendages both to navigate the sea floor and to push food into their mouths.

3. Pipefish
The pipefish is like a cross between a sea horse and a worm, or perhaps a straightened out sea horse. It earned its name because of the shape of its mouth, a long and narrow piped mouth. Eating mostly small crustaceans like shrimp, they move around by rapidly beating its small dorsal fin. They average at a

length of 35cm, there are currently 200 species of pipefish. Due to many of its colorful designs, some may look like garden snakes in the water.

4. Sea Slugs
Seas slugs are really just snail species that lack a shell of sorts, thus revealing their elegant nature. I would really say these are cute – some are though – but many are truly wondrous, their fulgent appearance is sure to catch the eye. They typically reside at 250 to 1,000m deep and because of the many species of sea slugs some are carnivorous and some are herbivores. There has even been a discovery of a plant like sea slug that can manufacture its own chlorophyll. When some of they were captured they could be kept alive for several months, just by shining a light on them for 12 hours a day, with no food. Interesting, so I recommend that you look these guys up, many of them are truly magnificent.

5. The Axolotl
Or as many refer to as the Mexican Walking Fish, they are fishlike salamanders. These are probably my favorite, for they appear to be something out of a cartoon. When you look at its face, it appears to be smiling from ear to ear (in a non-creepy way of course). Its pinking hue along with its squishy looking body makes it the most adorable and odd sea creature in my book. A fully grown male will be about 9 inches in length, with wide heads and eyes without eyelids. They have 3 pairs of gill stalks on their heads that pump oxygen. It uses suction feeding in which it sucks water through its mouth and consumes whatever is inside the fluids.
Unfortunately due to pollution these delightful creatures have been pushed onto the edge of extinction and are now present on the annual list of endangered species. It is current in critical endangered status. And the worst part is that they are so cute, they look like smiley face fish.

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