Do Women Like Cool And Quiet Guys

          Guys! Guys! Guys! We have so many guys around the world, from hardcore guys to guys who are meek, introvert guys, extrovert guys among others. From the lot, so women like guys who are quiet ( as in guys who are cool). So many women around the world have so many things which are hidden inside them.

          In real life so many girls love buys but most of the time they can’t express it, so most often times the guy they really love ends up in the hands of another

woman. If women were like men, they would have been big time womanizers, Right or Wrong? Many girls, ladies, women like guys who are “players” . Most of them would tell you, I like him because I want to know what’s with him that every girl wants to have.
           Some also like guys with lukewarm behaviors because they tend to say that the guy would help you know what’s going on in all angles of life. The big question is cool,

quiet, meek guys, Do women, girls, ladies love them.

           Guys who are quiet people term them as very dangerous people and classify them as snake under grass. Some of the girls like these guys but can the majority of girls who like “players” be compared to the number of them who love or like guys who are cool and very quiet. In a personal survey conducted by myself, Out of forty four(44) women, forty(40) of them said they like hardcore and lukewarm behavior guys. Four (4) of them said they like cool and quiet guys because they won’t take them into any situation of trouble nature.

          I think guys who are quiet are cool but I don’t know what you think. Everybody may have his own ideas and sentimental views but I do think that the women out there would be the best judges to the presenting problem or situation.

Article Written By GDop26

RIT student

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