Air Swimmers – Toy Review

Do you like RC toys, I know I do. They’re fun to play with outside whether you’re driving a miniature truck on small dirt paths or flying planes outside around school fields. Or if you’re an indoors RC flyer, then you may have looked into different kinds of helicopters. But now there’s the option of purchasing the ‘Air Swimmer’. The ‘Air Swimmer’ is a flying balloon fish that “swims” gracefully throughout your home, or your friend’s home.

First Look
These floating fish are truly a delight to watch and to fly. Their elegant design complemented by their mode of

transportation (the waving of their back fin) makes this RC toy a great buy. They are most playful in vast open areas and are sure to drop a few jaws at the local mall or any public location, just make sure they’re allowed of course. But they are still fun in the security of your own abode. They can be used outdoors but are vulnerable to winds so make sure you have a lifeline attached to it. With a fast learning curve everybody of all ages can enjoy the flying fish.

Putting it together
Alright you bought it, now how are you going to put this thing together. Now, the toy arrives in a small box with all the parts neatly packed in its little bags, except for the main balloon body. The instructions were pretty basic and were easy to follow, but expect to spend an hour of your day assembling and prepping your RC fish (or shark) before taking legitimate flight. Inflating the balloon will probably be the most time consuming portion of this assembly, and getting the toy to its proper inflation point is also a bit of a hassle, however, the instructions should provide you with how much you need to fill your fish. The stickers and double sided tape were a little difficult at time trying to peel off the massive inflated balloons. But you will be done in due time.

Taking Flight
After you’ve balanced the ballast to allow the fish to stay afloat in place it is time to start flying. To move there is a fin located

in the back of the fish that waves back and forth to produce a forward motion. It really does move like a fish doesn’t it now. I have to say I was really surprised that it really used that kind of mechanism to move, so simple yet so efficient. To turn you must push the fin towards one direction constantly until you’re moved far enough. This kind of motion may be a little hard at first, but the learning curve may only take an hour to understand. To move up and down you must tilt the fish – that in turn points the back fin up or down to allow control of altitude – by scrolling up the counterweight with the remote. Now you’re done, the rest is just learning to get used to the flight controls.

Final thoughts and Recommendations

• Works as advertised
• Easy to fly and operate
• It just looks so cool, and the idea is fantastic
• High level of maneuverability
• Fast learning curve
• Very light
• Simply fun to play with and to show off to your friends

• It takes up so much space when in use
• The helium within the ‘Air Swimmer’ only lasts a few days before flight becomes difficult
• It really hoards your helium tanks, a $25 helium tank only lasted me 2 complete fills. Therefore maintained usage of the toy can be costly
• Takes up a lot of room when NOT in use, deflating it is incredibly difficult

If you still want to pick one up then visit their website where you may order one. They now have a new Bass edition Air Swimmer:


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