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Eggshell art
We’ve all seen colorful Easter eggs and what not, but you’ve never seen this kind of egg art. Most of you have probably cracked an egg before so you know how fragile the shell of an egg is, but Slovenian artist Fran Grom acutely carves intricate shapes into the eggshell canvas.
Franc had always liked art but struggled to find a way to make a living out of it, so it wasn’t until after he retired from his regular job did he start his unusual but lucrative career. Making Easter eggs are a traditional activity in Slovenian culture;

however, carving them is incredibly impressive because he invented the idea.

Now 72 he works in a studio in his home town village of Stara Vrhnika. Working for over 18 years he has developed steady holding hand and a steady drilling arm. He must hold the egg with his hand so that he can create a “cloud” for the eggshell to rest upon. He chooses only the strongest and micro-crack free eggs for even the smallest imperfection in the egg can destroy his creations. He has even developed a specific diet for the chickens; it turns out, a strong limestone content is key for produce durable and resilient eggs for Grom’s productions.

The artist

starts out by cleaning the surface of each egg before poking small holes in the top and bottom of the egg; he than he drains the liquid out of the egg using the holes from before. Using just a small drill like needle and countless man hours in his workshop he creates this fantastic art piece out of the most extraordinary ‘canvas’. It’s his showcasing that made his home town Stara Vrhnika famous. He sells the eggs himself for upwards of $500 depending on the level of difficulty and the number of holes. Along with the creation comes a certificate stating the number of holes required for the specific product. In fact Bill Clinton was a proud collector of Grom’s work. Grom may drill anywhere between 2,5000 ~ 3,500 holes per egg shell art. And depending on the difficulty, each egg may take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to complete.

For a video covering his works

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