Are Humans Really That Different From Animals: Suicide Among Animals

Humans, are we really all that special? They say people still qualify as animals while also being immensely separated from the rest of animal kingdom, but do we really deserve this title. Do we really have as many qualities as we think we do that other animals simply do not, the answer is sure not as clear cut as one might think. Take suicide for example is hard to imagine among the animal kingdom where creatures are trying to survive and reproduce, suicide is usually seen as a human quality.

Although animal suicidal behavior has been recorded ever since the

1800’s, only the deaths of the masses were ever written down. Those who gravely paid attention either deny it as suicide or are skeptical of the true nature of these bizarre events. The suicidal behaviors are also difficult to observe because we are unable to communicate with them – as well as we do with other people at least – and truly understand their inner thoughts. These incidents could easily be a result of injury, psychological (brain damage), or frankly just a bad decision like following prey to a far too risky area. Other possibilities may also include avoidable accidents like falling off a cliff, slipping on a slippery surface, or something awful like so.

Some strange events can vary between seemingly random occurrences like hundreds of birds (Jatinga, India) just plummeting to their imminent doom for no visible reasons, or how in May of 2012, over 2300 birds were mysteriously found dead all over the coasts of Chile. Other incidents are more spread out in time, like the deaths of 28 cows in the Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen. Cast over a period of 3 days 28 alpine cows walked off a cliff and plummeted several hundred meters to their death in this truly mysterious matter that has locals troubled. Perhaps even stranger and far more disturbing are the hundreds of dogs who have committed suicide – as locals have said to have seen them just walking over the edge – on the The Overtoun Bridge in Milton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. During its peak activity between the 1950’s and 60’s the death toll averaged to about 1 per month, with a total of 600 deaths to the present. Perhaps ever

more eerie are those who survived the 50ft jump in which after they had been cared for, returned back to the location and jumped again to finish the job. This is seriously some strange stuff. So far this is no solid scientific consensus as to why so many dogs tense up and walk to their own death here. Really there are limited answers to the question of animal suicide in general and is currently up to research and debate.

Suicide by basic definition in the voluntary and intentionally take one self’s life. Many people who like to divide humans from the rest of the animal species seem to have this notion that suicide is exclusive, almost to the point where suicide belongs to higher leveled sentient animals like us humans. However, with the strength of education and knowledge follows with the dismantling of the foundations of our previous conceits, and in consummation will help to humble us of our ego and help to displace us of our arrogance of ourselves and of our place in the animal kingdom.


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