The Artist Vs The Scientist

Some people think that science removes from the beauty of nature; though I’ve never actually heard anyone express this thought, I disagree entirely regardless. As they think that the act of observing something somehow places it into a systematic viewing table, and that this should somehow remove from the beauty. I will show a simple example regarding this fallacy in the example of color.
Through a superficial view of the world you would only see the colors that are showcased in the animal kingdom but you’d never understand that there is an entirely new and unexplored layer of color

called structural coloration. That the surface is just the surface therein lays a deeper understanding and view of how color works and why it exists in the form that it does. This knowledge allows you to peer in deeper to the inner mechanisms of evolution and reality. The artist sees the abstract colors of the humming bird with its wings beating past the naked eye. I can see the separate layers of the feathers of the bird as the incidental light refracts and reflects off of the multiple layers of the bird creating constructive
interference as a result of iridescence. I know that if I and the artist are subjected to the illusions of structural coloration a closer view of the bird would reveal a non-cool colored pallet of brown pigments in the breast of the subject. Though the artist can admire the beauty of the bird in his blissful ignorance, I can understand and ascend my mind through a cosmically proportional journey as I ponder of the reason of these iridescent properties and the roles it contributed to the survival and what adaptability concerns it raised in the evolutionary game.

The phenomenon being addressed in the column is called structural coloration, which is the basic property by which light is manipulated to create certain colors depsite the color of the surface. This topic will be discuessed soon and I will place a link here when it is up for those who are interested:

“Science is more than a body of knowledge; it’s a way of thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe.” – Carl Sagan.


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