Fantastic Ice Cube Trays: 3 Star Wars Themed Trays

Are you a Star Wars fan? Well more than likely you probably are, I mean who doesn’t like or even appreciate Star Wars. So whether you’re a die-hard fan of star wars or just a casual fan this would be a great addition to your cool stuff collection. Even if you don’t like star wars in any fashion then it is likely that you know somebody that does and it would make a great nerdy gift that won’t hurt your wallet.

1. Carbonited Han Solo
The Han Solo ice cube originates from the scene in “Star Wars IV The

Empire Strikes” where Han Solo gets frozen in Carbonite. The scene then created the iconic image of Han “reaching” out in his frozen state. The set comes with 1 tray with 7 Han Solo molds, 6 small 1.5” molds and 1 larger 3.5” mold. Like other trays, it is also made from silicone.
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2. R2-D2
We all know and love all the beeps and chirps of the famous little astro-bot, R2-D2. With hundreds of pieces of merchandise starring the little one including, backpacks, toys, USB drives, costumes and even swimming suits; the iced sculpture will be a fine addition to the collection. Similar to the Han Solo cubes, each tray can make 4 small molds and 1 larger one.
Pick it up

here for $10:

3. Darth Vader Bust
The dark lord of the dark side from the original Star Wars trilogy, Darth Vader is the next star of the cool ice cube trays. Unlike the previous 2, each tray produces 6 similarly sized Vader busts oh about 6.25” x 4.25” x 1” heads each.
Pick it up here for $10:

With any or all of these trays, you’re sure to win the hearts of your Star Wars friends. Even if you don’t have any nerdy friends, it is likely to earn you some bewildered questions from your surprised house guests. Not to mention something to add to your collection of cool stuff. Besides, nothing is worse than a having boring old ‘ice cubes’ in your drinks. So spice it up with some 3 Star Wars themed ice cube trays.


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