Fantastic Ice Cube Trays: Chess Set

Love your ice cubes on a hot day but tired of the plain old ice cubes. Want to add something different to your day without breaking the bank? Look no further, I’m here to bring you a fantastic Ice cube tray that won’t break the bank, or should I say an ice chess tray. This tray set comes with 2 sets enough for 2 players to play … if you’re quick enough of course.

The set comes with 2 silicone made molds – which is a great 20th century material, like the stuff they use for modern computer chips –

perfect for 2 people to battle it out in the cold tundra. Or if your location isn’t as suitable, you can do a speed match with your chess rival. For an extra touch you can fill the 2 trays with different liquids to create different colored sets to distinguish friend from foe. However, it doesn’t come with a playing board, you must supply that yourself. 

If you’re not

going to dice it out with a fellow chess player in your snow hut you can still show them off to friends. Just imagine the look you'll get from friends and family. Your iced gentlemen’s game set will be sure to add some class to your home for some special events, or if you just love the idea of having something new and fresh at home. They will be sure to draw some attention at your next house party, while also starting up a great conversation. And isn’t that just what parties are about, socializing and having a good time with friends. For just $10 that sure would be worth it.

You can pick up the “Ice Speed Chess Set” here at the ThinkGeek website:

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