Finally A Cure For The Shoelaces Epidemic: Hickies

What is a worldwide issue that plagued humanity for eons? The asserted issue is the problem with tying shoelaces; it is something that has clouded us since we were mere toddlers that would follow us to our graves. Ever since shoes have had shoelaces mankind has tried to tame the beast.

Hundreds if not thousands have tried to combat this issue whether it be new lace designs and/or materials to make it so that they don’t untie. Better tying methods or faster tying methods to save time, all have only postponed the inevitable event of the laces becoming undone; none

have ever cured the problem. Even big Hollywood movies have addressed this issue – as “Back to the Future” did in their self-tying shoe-laces – but they were all just the results of wishful thinking and the hope that the darkness would pass to leave way for the light of the dawn to show through. But now the dawn may finally be approaching with the oddly named product, the Hickies.

Paid by the crowd-funding website Kickstarter and raising over $159,000, the Hickies are mankind’s best hope to defeat this old aged but formidable foe. Named after the mark of affection, the inventors wanted to leave a little mark of affection on everyone’s shoes (sorry laces, they’re taking your place for) The Hickies are elastic bands that replace

your laces. Instead of a single lace, the Hickies are 14 small bands – 7 bands for each foot – with elastic memory that allows it to return to its original shape. They attach through each hole in your shoe and will fit any and all sizes ranging from little tots to fully grown adults.

To put them on you must loop the Hickie through the holes in your shoe, then re-attach the 2 ends with a hook and hole function. Then viola, you can now slip into your shoes with ease forever. Currently available in 16 different colors, the Hickie can be used to further customize your footwear to go with whatever fashion trend you’re following … or leading. Hickies, they fix a problem that has existed ever since laces came into play and they look fabulous, just take a look online, they look great. So what are you waiting for go get them.

Hickies official website:

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