Finally Some Glasses That Make Reading In Bed Easy

Are your neck and back tired today, and you need to lie in bed but your favorite TV show is on tonight but you can’t get up. Or are you just feeling plain old lazy and would like something to complement your lazy situation. Either way you can get some these Prism Glasses that allows you to view at a 90 degree angle downwards. These newfound glasses will then give you the ability to finally lie in bed and read – or play games on your iPhone, iPad, laptop, or maybe on your new game console the OUYA –

without stresses on your back after a rough day.

The prism glasses are very similar to the periscopes that submarines use to look above the waters. However instead of using a couple of mirrors to reflect the images to your eyes, the Prism Glasses use (you guesses it) prisms instead. Now the advantage of prisms is that they are more durable and easier to maintain over time, whereas mirrors need special coatings to be preserved. Prisms also help to magnify images, which is also why they are preferred over mirrors in periscopes.

Just be weary not to leave them on too long, for they may strain your eyes from viewing a virtual image instead of a

real image. Other higher priced ones can be slipped over your prescription glasses. While the basic ones that slip over your eyes like glasses are available at ‘Whatever Works’ for $25

Purchase them from Whatever Works here:

Pricier one that fits over your glasses:

Want other cool stuff? You may want to take a look at these RC floating fish “Air Swimmers” on my toy review:

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