The First Habitable Place To Run On Solar Energy

With the pressures higher gas prices the options of going green are looking brighter. Many are looking for just about anything to ease their wallets from gas, albeit wind power, hydra power, solar power, and etc.

Unfortunately making changes from gas to solar power is difficult for already developed nations because of high and growing energy demands due to high population and development. The inefficiency and costs of current solar panel technology make large scale transitions very difficult as well; however the option does remain open for small and developing nations due to significantly lower energy consumption, such as areas

in Africa or small countries such as the 3 islands of Tokelau.

Tokelau a small 10x10km island will soon become the first habitable place in the world that relies on only solar energy. Located in the South Pacific Ocean as a territory of New Zealand, the 1,400 inhabitants of Tokelau will make the transition between diesel powers to solar power in just a few weeks marking them as the first place to make this historic transition.

The project lead by Powersmart Solar, the island will be using 4032 solar panels, 1344 batteries and 392 inverters to replace the country’s diesel generators which consumed

200 liters of diesel daily. The project’s total cost is estimated to be between 6 ~ 7 million dollars and will provide 150% of the country’s power needs. Due weather conditions in the area the panels are to be built to sustain 230km/h winds (143mph) that come with cyclones. The project will be funded by the New Zealand government. 


By October the only diesel used on this small island will be by the few cars available in this small territory. This will be the perfect testing grounds to see if solar power has a productive and lucrative future in the power industry. If Tokelau succeeds here it is likely that many other Pacific islands may make similar changes for they are at the mercy of diesel fuel changes as most of their energy comes from gas imports. So keep on alert, coming next year we may see a lot more solar panels raising up.

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