How To Dominate Water Balloon Battles

Want to be at the top of your game the next time a water balloon fight breaks out? Or do you just want to have a casual get together but can’t stand to fill and tie each darn balloon? If you said yes to either of these questions then you definitely need to get your hands on these. Whether you need them for your kid’s birthday party, or if you’re a diehard grown up child this is a must have.

Tie-Not Water Balloon Filler & Tying Tool
Tying the openings of each water balloon closed is probably the most

time consuming – mind me, also very difficult and frustrating if you’re not a veteran balloon tier – part of any balloon battle day. So literally 70% of the time is spent on creating each balloon. Well this features an efficient yet simple tying tool that allows you to completely fill and tie each balloon in less than 7 seconds. Yeah you read correctly, less than 7 seconds. The tool attaches to a hose with a press release button to allow you to control your water release rate so you can

delicately fill each tiny water balloon, while also using the attached tool to tie your balloons. It also comes with 100 free balloons.

Tie-Not Battle Pump by Kaos
Similar to the balloon filler, it also has the balloon tying tool but it doesn’t attach to a hose. However, instead the pump includes a portable container so you can make water balloons – your ammo – on the go. It also features a manual hand pump, to fill balloons with water. It also comes with 250 water balloons.

So use the first one for creating hundreds of balloons pre-game, and use the second one for making ammo and traveling lighter and with fewer balloons. There was a 3rd one that included a pressure pump that allowed you to easily fill balloons on the go – it had its own small water supply, similar to the tie-not battle pump – but it was missing the easy tying tool so I removed it from the list.


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