Benefits In His Death: Devotion For Saturday November 10, 2012

Benefits in His Death

Text: John 12: 32 – “If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people towards me (New Century Version).

In Numbers 21: 8 and 9, is the record of how God instructed Moses to make a brazen serpent and hang it on a pole that people bitten by fiery snake will look at it and be saved. Moses carried out this instruction. (See Devotion of July 29, 2012). This was the shadow of what Jesus did for the salvation of man at the cross of Calvary. John recorded this statement of Jesus 3 times

in his gospel (John 3: 14, John 8: 28 and John 12: 32). This shows the importance Jesus attached to His mission here on earth. The emphasis is because He has centred His mind on fulfilling what He came to do; dying on the cross to save humanity from power of death and sin. Is there any lesson for us in this act of Jesus’ commitment to His mission?

Anyone who sins is like someone bitten by a snake. The Bible says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3: 23). We cannot virtually deny that we have not

sinned. Remember the story of the woman that was caught in the very act (John 8: 1 – 11). To save us from the effect of sin, Christ have to hang on the cross as Moses hanged the snake on the pole. This is God’s antidote for our salvation from captivity of sin, devil and death. This death of Christ as prophesied did not only bring for us salvation but many more blessings. See Isaiah 53: 3 – 12.

Have you been to the cross for the cleansing power in that blood that He shed for you? Remember that every requirement for your salvation is in the death of Jesus. Unfortunately, many are still carrying about the burden and effect of sin even some who are in the Church. Search yourself to know if you have repented or not. Do not let the benefits in the death of Jesus for us elude you.

Food for Thought: If Jesus did not die for man, how would this world be by now?

Prayer Points:
1. Pray, that God will draw you closer to Himself
2. Pray you will reap from Christ’s death.


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