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Usually when you go to college it is likely that they will offer a many clubs for you. Lined up on a silver platter are a variety of organizations where people of similar interests can co-mingle and do activities. However not many colleges and universities have a certain group, possibly one of the most entertaining events on campus, Humans vs Zombies. That’s exactly what it sounds like, a campus wide activity that places college students on either the human side or the zombie side while they battle it out during the week.

Now that we’ve covered the rules –

which if you are not aware then please read part 1 – of HVZ, now I can share my personal experience of the event. As a background being a freshman and not knowing how the campus is laid out this puts me at a relative disadvantage to the upper classmen zombies. I also only had a single shot weapon, which also puts me at a lower level firing capability and therefore lowers my ability to take out zombies.

Now me not knowing what to expect, including a basic layout of the school and its tunnel system, the lack of the mindset and situational awareness, general inexperience and just being a freshman will make me a much easier target along with giving an inexperienced gameplay; meaning I will not do all too well. However, it was fun nevertheless. At exactly 12:00 am on Monday morning the games began, and by the morning as I got ready for class, over 20% of all humans were already infected. With over 700 players involved, that’s a good 140 zombies spread about the campus. Luckily my first day I got together with some friends – not the ones on my floor, because they all went and hugged some zeds – and we started traveling through the tunnels. Although there are no tunnels that directly connect the dorms to the academic building, they do help to shorten the distance needed to travel. But the instant we saw the light of the outdoors we all suddenly tensed up and prepared for the worst as we checked alleys and peaked corners as if we were like some pretend spec ops. To say the least, traveling to class had never been more fun. Walking around buildings in fear made mornings so much more interesting, although a bit stressful. As a traveling pack, I had never been more delighted over the sight of another survivor. For every survivor with a

gun the more intimidating and safe our group becomes.

For those who may be wondering why going to class in constant fear would be desirable, I’ll give a basic comparison between a normal day and zombie days.

Normal Days
• Very routine with no surprises expected
• No cautionary behavior required, no pretending to be a special forces soldier
• No Nerf Gun
• No threats

Zombie Day
• You can bring a Nerf Gun to class (you’re not allowed to shoot your classmates or professors though)
• You learn to take alternate routes about campus in order to get home safely
• You are on high alert all the time
• Because of the imminent dangers present, every meter you travel counts making traveling far less routine and more interesting.
• Meeting other survivors is a godsend and you can make connections with other people you may have otherwise never made.
• It’s just cool running around with fake guns around the school.

Even after you are caught and zombiefied, the fun doesn’t end. You now become the bane of the remaining survivors as you travel in packs or hordes hunting for unfortunate survivors. Although I only survived for a little less than 2 days – longer than I could have ever hoped for, especially with such a tiny gun with which I actually took down 4 zombies – HVZ was a great experience. And now that I have fought through it I hope to train for the Spring HVZ and hopefully survive longer now that I have some experience. I would highly recommend anyone to join the event, although I am at RIT many other colleges offer the same event and if one nearby does not than try to form one. Overall it was a great time, filled with many stories and just a great time as I look forward to the next Humans vs Zombies here at RIT.

If you haven't read the rules of the game then click the link directly below to part 1 Link to part 1


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