I Am Oddly Afraid Of Mold & Holes

Some fears are more common than others; some may even call them universal fears. Such fears often include the fear of darkness, killers, monsters, demons, or the unknown. However, aside from these general fears are some strange phobias. Here I will explore with you some of my strange phobias of holes and mold.

Now I’m not afraid to the point to where I’m confined to the security of my home to become a hermit, besides there are plenty of holes in my home. Yet I’m scared to the point where I cannot view pictures of them on the internet comfortably.

This is not an uncommon phobia either, the internet has coining this as Trypophobia, or the fear of holes. Although ‘trypophobia’ is not an official word yet, if enough people have this condition it may be granted status soon. Not just any holes – like if you poked a hole in your paper I wouldn’t freak – but holes within biological bodies, such as flesh, plants, or just about anything that’s squishy looking. When these holes are presented to me I get a horrible tingly feeling on my skin to such a degree that I become incredibly itchy and uncomfortable. In fact just the thought of them makes my skin crawl; even writing this article is making me a little uncomfortable. So let’s move away from this and onto another one of my dreads, mold.
Not mold as in fungi, mushrooms and all that. No just the fuzzy
stuff that grows on your food when they get too old or when they get spoiled. My fear is not just the “eww that’s gross” but the personal fear against it, especially when it grows in milk or in drinks like OJ. Oh especially OJ juice, just the sight of it growing on orange juice just requires that I glance away quickly. Whenever I had encountered this enemy in the past I reacted by dropping whatever I was holding followed by that mini heart attack you get when you miss a step of your stairs.
Now I don’t think I’d label myself as having these phobias but rather I’ll say that I have the symptoms and similar uneasiness’s towards the following phobias. Perhaps even some of you may have had similar fears and if so do not feel alone, it is very likely someone else has felt your pain.

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