My Juggling Club Experience

As a freshmen at RIT I am always looking for something to do, may it be because I’d like to fit in or because I like to stay busy I try hard to find clubs that are laid throughout my week so I can stay active. Of the many clubs available at the college of RIT a juggling club happens to be available. Now I have little to no experience juggling and I cannot juggle successfully, so going to such an event is a little out of my comfort zone to say the least. But desperate to find activities

as a first year student I think the sacrifices and risks are worthy.

Although you do not need to know how to juggle to join, it is advised that you learn how to juggle during your stay; for they have ‘advertised’ that they’ll be willing to teach students of all skill levels. So I came in a little nervous but I calmed myself as I knew from the few weeks I’d been here already, that people at college are far more respectable and fun than the people you’d find at any old high-school. Coming in I expected to see a group sitting down and talking about future events for the club, but instead to my surprise I found all of the club members just juggling in the large room. Seemingly without a care they congregated in the building just, well, juggling various objects. I sort of just watched in awe of the skill of these students

before I built the courage to ask someone for some help. Once again the people at RIT are just so friendly, someone immediately came to my aid and quickly got me started with juggling. Although I couldn’t juggle the atmosphere in the room was so free of judgment, especially when it came to beginners. Now I have been to multiple get-togethers – or meetings if you wish to sound more professional – and I feel much more comfortable with the members of the group.

Now I regularly attend meetings and I practice juggling weekly in hopes of succeeding, which should come eventually. I can say I have no regrets joining the club and it has rejuvenated my hopes of finding other clubs to help expand my activity horizons. I’d highly recommend anyone who has ever had any interest in juggling to join, and even if you do not you may find some people you might like and perhaps even surprise yourself of your new interests.


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