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Yeah that’s right, I am an avid user of the Rottentomatoes movie rating system. Most people don’t like reading movie reviews as many of my friends have had unfavorable experiences. Often times they’d say that the critics gave a certain movie that they loved really bad reviews.

To me this service works in a similar way as finding information on the internet, if you don’t know what you’re doing you really can’t find anything; however, if you’re a veteran searcher you can find absolutely anything you want through the internet. A similar concept applies here as well, if you know

how to use the rottentomatoes service than it could be a haven for you. Now if you have ever visited the site you may object and say “what is there to know, there’s just a basic rating system with a given percentage of ‘fresh’ reviews and another for the “like” rating from the general public. I will separate the different sections of the rottentomatoes rating.
The main fresh/rotten rating usually gives me an idea behind the movie’s values and generally good storytelling. This rating is provided usually by both the highly acclaimed and the amateur movie critics. I don’t usually value this rating the most when I consider watching a certain movie.
The secondary rating system called the audience – the general publics “like” rating – is one of the biggest factors in getting me to watch a certain movie over another. Underneath the audience rating percentage, shows the average rating out of 5 given by the users who have – hopefully – watched the movie. Another gauge for how reliable the rating is how many people have rated it,
the number of which is shown right below the rating.
Perhaps more important than either one of these ratings alone is how they compare. I have found that the closer the 2 numbers are the more likely it is that I will enjoy the movie, if the 2 percentages are too far apart the chance of liking certain movie losses stability. But perhaps the most important part is that just because the movie has a high or low rating doesn’t mean you will or won’t enjoy a certain movie. Because above all the ratings calculate the likelihood that you’ll have a good time, so just because a movie has a poor rating doesn’t necessarily mean you will not find it pleasant, or vice versa.
I have been using this service for over 3 years now, and I have found in my experience gradually lesser regrets with watching movies since my discovery of the site and how to gauge its ratings. So I recommend you do the same, ‘rottentomatoes’ really is an insightful and certainly expendable recourse.


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