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Everyone has their own pet peeves or just things that bother them a little more than it would to another average Joe. Since I’ve been writing a bunch of informative articles I thought I’d write something different to mix it up a bit and not to mention adding a little bit of personal jazz in here. So here are my 3 biggest pet peeves that I encounter most commonly.


The way characters run in anime’s
I first noticed it when I used to watch Naruto back when I was in 8th or 9th grade, they’d be sprinting with their arms

hanging behind them as if it makes them sleeker. Granted it probably looks cool to many people, I personally hate the look. I prefer the look of realistic running; to me it looks cooler especially when the palms are open, like as if they were trying to karate chop people.
Perhaps something that added to my distaste of this running style is when I see people in real life imitating it. Now I don’t have any issues with people who do it for fun, and even if I did it’s really no big deal, it’s not like I’m going to confront somebody because of they want to do; besides it’s just a little pet peeve. However, when people do this in an attempt to actually catch somebody or simply run faster that’s when I let out a long exaggerated sigh. I honestly think some people actually believe that this running ‘form’ will allow them to move faster, perhaps they think it’s aerodynamic maybe. Whatever it is, it looks ridiculous to me.

Perpetual Motion
Anytime a documentary or conspiracy theory even mentions the phrase “perpetual motion” or “perpetual machine” a massive red flag goes up from me. Anybody with a basic understand of physics will understand my distaste of this topic. A simple look at the Law of conservation of energy sates that energy cannot neither be destroyed nor created; it can only be transferred and changed in form. So unless you discover a break in this most fundamental of laws – which I think can be done, I just wouldn’t bet on it for a few millennia – you are not going to create a

perpetual machine.

When people say things in absolute and black/white terms
Whenever I’m having a dialogue with a friend or loved one and they use the term “it’s black and white”, I get started. I don’t believe anything is truly black or absolutely white; there are only shades of each other. So when somebody says something is morally wrong and should be abolished from existence or made illegal, such as weed, abortion, prostitution, alcohol, and etc. I however do not think something is either just simply wrong or right, it may lean towards one end but I don’t think these things can be purely one or another, especially when you understand the details. Abortion – a touchy topic, that I may write a column about later – for example, is currently legal but is facing opposition from pro-lifers in the defense of human life. Some say the fetus counts as a human life (pro-life) while others claim it is merely a fetus and not a human being (pro-choice usually). But there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground here, there’s no in between choice presented here. And in my view it’s not just that there should be something in between but that there’s always something in between polar opposite like this. I personally do not consider a 2 month old fetus – for example at least – not a human being (double negatives here), but I also don’t value it nearly as much as a say a 7 year old kid.

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