Punching Bears - Poetry

April 3rd, 2013

Here I place my rear into my chair
I notice to my side is the poster of a bear
Surprised I find myself thinking of Skyrim
All those hours waste by my friends, their future looking grim

They lose track of time and let out a shout
Filled with pain they punch the bear in its snout
Reacting, the bear smacks him dilly
For committing such an act so silly

My foolish friend’s face is now swollen
Too bad he’s also allergic to pollen
The bear then summoned a massive attacking bee
First sense of fight or flight, he

chose to flee

Though he didn’t get far
He did make it to the bar
Before the bear struck with great power
Killing him with a giant


I think I wrote this after my chemistry class while I was reading it to my friend. I related it to a couple of flash animations I’ve seen about the bears in Skyrim, so I had it in my mind while writing this. It isn’t serious at all I just like to write sarcastic and funny – hopefully – poems in my free time, or while I’m ‘listening’ to my writing seminar professor in class. At least I’m writing right?

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RIT student

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  • spark187  28-12-2014

    This is wonderful poem. I don't see many about bears, which is sad, because bears are wonderful animals.

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