Re-inventing The Light Bulb For The 21st Century

The light bulb is one of the greatest inventions by mankind, highlighting the advent of electricity. It paved a new paths for mankind by extending the human work time by providing light. Taking the place of the candle light, the light bulb is more compact, safer, brighter and easier to use. Some time has passed since and it is now being reinvented in way of the 21st century and is being funded by Kickstarter. I bring you the LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented.

The project was started on Kickstarter by Phil Bosua from San Francisco CA on September 15th 2012,

and has raised over $1.3 million and has over 40 days of funding left before the project closes.

The LIFX is a multi-colored LED bulb that can connect to your smart phone through WiFi. Fitted with a color dial, you can easily change the bulb to fit your mood with some ambient lighting. The smartphone capabilities don’t stop there, it can also be turned on and off with your phones, they can be easily programmed to all turn on or off. They can even be used as rave lights and play and interact with your music. It can be dimmed to satisfy the very specific amount of light you need. All of this can be done by

installing an easy to use app that comes with your LIFX. If you ever forget your phone or you’re just a traditional fellow, the LIFX can still be controlled with a light switch.

The LIFX installs just like the everyday light and installs the same way. IT is also incredibly energy efficient; it uses less energy than those compact florescent lights – those lights with the nasty white unnatural feeling glow – using just 10 watts.

With so many features and its ease of use, the LIFX can be used casually for your abode or commercially. With all its capabilities it really is one of the inventions that are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. So take a closer look and keep your eyes peeled for when the LIFX becomes commercially available.

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