Liver Cancer: How To Recognize The Early Symptoms

Liver Cancer: How to Recognize the Early Symptoms- Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. One of the cancer disease that often attacks is liver cancer. Symptoms of the early stage of liver cancer are not clear, so in most cases we feel the symptoms when the cancer has entered the intermediate and advanced stages. In the daily life of many people who go through and ignore the symptoms of the early stages of liver cancer, and when they check up, they found their liver cancer stage is already in advanced stage.


So, how to identify the

symptoms of liver cancer? How to recognize the early symptoms of liver cancer??


1. Pain in liver area
Continuous pain in the right upper abdominal area is an important symptom indicating tumor liver tumors as a starting point of tumors, which is also the most common symptoms. Liver enlarged so rapidly that squeeze film wrapping or liver cancer tumors invade the lining of the heart or the stomach lining, can also cause pain or continuous bloating. Tumor invasion into the diaphragm, the pain may spread to the right shoulder or the right-back. Tumors that grow into the right-back can cause pain in the right loin. When cancerous tumor nodules damaged, cancer cells die and the blood flow to the stomach can lead to strong pain in the abdomen, occur symptoms such as inflammation of the stomach lining.

2. Liver Organ is Swelling
It is the most common symptom in patients with liver cancer at starting point. Liver swell, harden, uneven outer layer, which is not the same no nodules or large size, even some prominent section, edges are not neat, often feel pain like pressure.

3. Jaundice ( often referred as “Yellow” Disease )
Jaundice occurs in about 1/3 of liver cancer patients. Mostly, it occurs in the advanced stage, due to liver cell damage and bile duct tumor pressing lumps or other causes.

4. Fever
The fever temperatures usually are not too high, but sometimes exceeded 39 ?, probably sustained fever or high fever irregular. It caused by the cancer tissue in large quantities has been damaged and is absorbed by the body or cancer of the bile duct tumor squeeze so inflamed bile duct or

5. The Digestive Tract and symptoms of the Entire Body
It is characterized by loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, whole body without strength, poor health conditions.

6. Symptoms of Metastases
Symptoms of Metastases means cancer could spread to the lungs, bones, chest cavity, brain, and other parts, and bring symptoms are concerned, for example, the spread to the lungs can cause coughing up blood, spread into the chest cavity can cause pain in the chest and fluid in the chest that appeared to be blood; deployment bone can cause pain in certain parts or pathologic fractures; etc.; deployment of the brain can cause headaches, vomiting and other symptoms of nerve.

7. Other Symptoms
Because the metabolism of abnormal cancerous tumors can cause endocrine fluids or other symptoms associated with metabolism, also referred to as a symptom of cancer chaperone. Are often found as these followings :
a) Low blood sugar spontaneous: occurs in 10% - 30% of patients, because the liver cell to make insulin endocrine fluids or substances in the insulin becomes abnormal, or cancerous liver tissue spends a lot of glucose. If this is severe, it can lead to fainting, shock and even death.
b) Red blood cells multiply: occurs in 2% - 10%, probably due to the increase in erythropoietin (a substance enhancing red blood cells).
c) Other: there are many symptoms such as high cholesterol and high calcium in the blood, carcinoid syndrome, early maturity and gonadotropin secretion syndrome, skin disease porphyria, symptoms fibrinogen abnormalities and other symptoms can be synthesized by an abnormal protein in liver cancer tissues, endocrine ectopic, porphyrins and related disorders.


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