Space The Final Frontier: Are You Really Tiny Compared To The Universe?

This may seem like a simple question with a seemingly simple answer, but I am here to show you that it isn’t. Now you may say, of course we’re tiny compared to the universe, but please allow me to persuade you. This is both a philosophical and scientific argument so strap in your seatbelts, for this is going to be a rough ride.

 First off let’s get past the obvious details; the universe is quite massive containing billions of galaxies, holding hundreds of billions of stars each. In fact we may not live in a UNI-verse, but rather a

part of a multiverse, a collection of universes. It also goes deeper with the possibilities of multiple or perhaps an equivocal amount of dimensions other than our own. So the simple answer should be, yes we are miniscule compared to the universe, yet I will tell you that you would not correct in saying you are small compared to the universe., and I will explain how.

In order to compare something you must first have 2 subjects, in this case the universe and you, the reader. Simple enough right? However, there is a problem, you don’t quite know how big the universe (or multiverse) is exactly. The universe is often thought to be infinitely large and therefore would not have a defined size. So at this point you’d object from your seat and demands to know how this defends the idea that you cannot say that you’re small compared to the universe. I will respond by stating that this infinitely

large idea swings both ways. The universe is both infinitely large and infinitely small. Whenever scientists discover something small like an ant for example, later down the road somebody else discovers something smaller. The components of (perhaps a cell or an antenna) this ant is obviously smaller than the ant – for it is a single part of the bigger organism – and is now deemed the smallest thing ever. But then the cell is also composed of smaller proteins and molecules which are made from the bonding of separate atoms which can now be broken down into different quarks. Every century a plethora of unseen discoveries are made that dismantle our previous conceits. So here I bring the question, who’s to say that this pattern will not go on forever? Everything is made up of smaller ingredients which are made of even smaller ingredients.

So now that you know that the universe is both infinitely small and unimaginably large, how could you say you are either tiny or large compared to the universe?


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