If Women Were Men, Would They Have Been Womanizers

        So many times I do hear so many girls saying lots of things and mostly I hear, “I hate womanizers”. This guy is player, oh as for this guy he is always around and surrounded by women.
Sometimes when a girl , lady or woman wants to be friends with a guy she says less good things about him and it leads to confrontation.

          In the confrontation she denies and she uses “the strength of a woman” to charm the guy and from then they become good friends. When they become friends

she would then go on to say that, I never knew you were this cool, you are a very quiet person, I thought you were a womanizer. Most at times guys reply if you don’t really know someone don’t judge the person.

           Many women marry out of desperation, many women do not marry because of love. For example, when a woman nears thirty (30) years and she meets most of her friends and they are with their husbands and their children, they feel very bad when they are still single and are with nobody in particular, you tend to do something and therefore because of depression and desperation you get married, which really affects most of your decisions in


            Right from scratch, girls fall in love with a primary school mate but because of how nature makes things for them they are unable to say and reveal their true feelings. Many times during functions and occasions, girls picture and imagine being with a guy in their dreams all the time. During these times and events she meets the Guy and she really wants to say something. I think that if a woman befriends a guy for a very long time and she really loves she should not say things and make comments that would turn the guy off from telling her the magic words.

            If you really love a man and you know that he loves and have the same kind of feelings of you and is afraid of telling or saying it to you, you can use actions and expressions to say it and if it doesn’t work, just say it.
             I think women have so many hidden words in their hearts and would be big time womanizers if they were Men. What do you think?

Article Written By GDop26

RIT student

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