Wait Don’t Eat That, 3 Tasty Soap Bars

Be careful, although these may looks like tasty snacks they’re really cleverly designed “bars” of soap. These are 3 of the most convincing “candy soap” I’ve ever seen. Many look so real that even up close you still can’t tell them apart from their snacking counterpart. In fact, many of these ‘look alikes’ are also scented to smell like candy. Too bad they still feel like soap so I don’t think you’ll get much luck trying to trick your friends. Yeah, too bad, I foiled your plans to prank your friends.

1. Mini Gummy Bear Soap
The little brother of the

original gummy bears, these assorted colored gummy bears are really tiny blobs of soap. Scented like the real thing they are sure to give your friends a surprise, their brilliant glows will fit aesthetically in your washrooms.
Each package contains a total of 25 assorted gummy bears, 5 gummies for 5 different colors and smells. They are made in the USA out of non-toxic glycerin.


2. Goodie Gumdrops Soap Set
These little suckers have got to the most deceiving ones on the list. They are shaped just like the real gumdrops, the have the same sprinkled texture (made from soap), and have the same dimensions. It’s only giveaways are the fact it isn’t squishy like gumdrops

and that they are all watermelon scented. Even the orange ones are smell like watermelons. Each pack includes 15 watermelon scented gumdrops that are sure to turn your bathroom into CandyLand.


3. Soapsicles Popsicle Soap
The Soapsicle Popsicle is a delightfully hand crafted soap shaped and colored to look like the popsicle sticks you buy from the ice-cream men. Available in several designs, the Soapsicles are also scented to smell like the real deal. Just be weary not to leave them lying around the house, we would want someone taking a bite out of these.


If you are interested in purchasing any of these adorable candies for your kids – or to satisfy your inner child – just do a quick run on Google.

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