What Does Your Poop Say About Your Health: Part 2 Color

This is the second part the first part covers the textures of poop – of poop health; here we will cover how your stool’s appearance may tell about your current physical health. Aside from the usual brown color your poo can become many different colors. However different colors isn’t always a bad thing, often times it could be a direct result of something you ate and is not necessarily unhealthy.

There are many different colors as well as many different shades of each color, but for reasons of clarity we will only cover the most significant and distinct colors.


Possible Health Issues
• Internal bleeding
• Blood from the digestive tracks
• Esophageal Variances (where the veins in the esophagus become extremely dilated)
Possible food causes
• Blueberries or black licorice
• Foods or vitamins containing a lot of iron
• Bismuth (which can be found in pepto-bismol)
• Inundation of spinach
• Ingestion of other dark foods

Red Stool
Possible Health Issues
• Anal fissures that leak blood in the stool. These are tears in the anal canals that often leave bright red blotches on toilet paper.
• Hemorrhoids, which are swollen veins in the anal canal
• The red color may also be the result of a polyp, which are abnormal growths forming in the walls of the large intestines. Some grow directly on the intestine while other grow from a stalk protruding from it.
Possible Food Causes
• Tomato soup
• Beats
• Foods containing red food coloring

Orange Stool
Possible Health Issues
• The orange color may have been caused by insufficient exposure to bile while in the digestive track
• Low bile production, when bile production is low some foods and nutrition are not broken down and therefore are not absorbed. Such can include fat-soluble vitamins and fat. Bile is also produced within the liver.
• This orange color can also be caused by liver disease.
Possible Dietary Causes
• You could just be eating a lot of carrots, sweet potatoes or cilantro
• It can also result from consuming artificial food coloring

Yellow Stool
Possible Health Issues
• Gilbert’s Syndrome, which is relatively harmless. The syndrome just causes the liver to produce a high content of the enzyme Bilirubin, which is the same stuff that gives urine its yellowish color.
• Human parasites. These of course are not harmless.
• Pancreatic Cancer. The pancreas is located in near the stomach and produces insulin.
• Malabsorption Syndrome is the inability of the body to absorb

all the nutrients from food.
Possible Dietary Causes
• Carrots
• Sweet potatoes, again
• And of course yellow food coloring

Green stool – I think this one of the worst colors to have
Possible Health Concerns
• Similar to red stool this can also be caused by incomplete digestion caused by deficient production of bile
• Diseased liver may also be of blame
Possible Dietary causes
• Green food coloring (or course)
• Spinach
• Any excess of green and leafy foods
• Chlorophyll (any green vegetable or fruit really)

Gray Stool – this is one of the most bizarre colors of poop I’ve ever heard of. Luckily I’ve never experience it … yet.
Possible health Concerns
• It may not be properly exposed to bile long enough during digestion
• It may be signs of malabsorption
• Hepatitis - the inflammation of the liver and other organs
• Gall bladder Disorders
Possible dietary Causes
• Well you’d be wrong if it were caused by gray food coloring, because who on earth uses gray food coloring
• It is mostly caused by fatty foods

If you’d like to read more about poop – I don’t expect many of you to want to – then click this link.

Part one can be found here.

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