Why Do I Dance In Public?

My friend asked me while I was in my room if I danced for attention; to be honest I don’t know the full reason for my dance. I told him that nothing is as black and white as the answer he probably expected from me. I said neither yes nor no. My original reason to start dancing was to express myself and ultimately break this social barrier of mine, it also happened on the same day I broke a cold approaching barrier, so that may have partially caused it. I also danced before approaching this really cute girl –

probably the most attractive girl I have approached up to date – to pump myself up and fight against my self-psyche. The worst thing to do before approaching a girl is to wait and think, the longer you wait the harder it will become. So this was my way of breaking my self-psyche that actually worked well.

But now when I think of why I dance I can list them out but in no particular order for the ranking of reasons varies from day to day and time to time.
• To break a social barrier and to further defeat my fears. Overcoming a social fear is so freeing and revitalizing. Similarly to approaching a really cute girl and being super ballsy during your conversation, except possibly better because that is not forever, whereas this dancing fear is just about vanishing at an exponential rate.
• The thrill of doing what no one else is doing, dancing in public in front of hundreds of strangers while everybody else is too afraid and thus trapped in their own bodies and the structures of social reformation.
• Self-expression

anytime anywhere, the important aspect of this that separates it front normal dancing is that you are no longer limited to your social comfort of being among friends or in a comfortable location. If you wish to express you now can wherever and whenever your heart desires, so long as it isn’t distracting/hurtful to others.
• Attention is nice. I won’t lie that I don’t enjoy the attention, but most of the time I won’t hear any of their hate or compliments or thoughts or anything, which really is an important fact of this. This is the ability to not care what strangers think of you, their opinion can no longer hurt you.
• Exercise man. Dancing is one great exercise for your heart and full body muscles. It requires that I stretch before and during my dance and by the end I am dripping like a wringed towel which is great for the pores and general skin complexion.
• Smiles, it makes me happy knowing that I’ve made somebody’s day brighter. A major state of mind transition I’ve made is to aid other people in their social adventures, first starting in cold approaching girls and people, and now the freedom of public self-expression.
In its purest of lights this revelation means that I can now live my life happier and less afraid of social norms. One aspect of my life has been now set free. The chains that once binded my metaphorical feet have been unshackled with the same key that I had once hidden from myself.

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RIT student

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