The Church Goes On-line!

Didn't I say this before? The Catholic Chruch are quite chameleonic as they know how to change their colour (and ways) as they suit them best for their interests.

Political parties of any ideology come and go, but the Catholic Chruch remains forever and ever... Amen!

Why is this os? One may ask. It's because they know how to change and to whom to support to in due time.

The Catholic Charch has supperted workers in struggle for democracy as well as they have supported these very same dictatorships who oppressed those who fought for freedom and democracy in their own lands.

I read

that the Pope has now registered on Twitter now. He seems to have achieved to have 1.2 billion followers. But if you think that you'll be able to twit with the Pope personally, you are wrong. The Pope isn't very fond of computers and he still writes his speeches in handwriting. However, his twtits will be written and he will signed them. If you think that you'll be able to twit with him, you're wrong: your twits will be read by his assistants and they will pass them to His Holy See when appropiate.  It'll be depending on what you write in them.

For the time being, the topics will be weekly general audiences, Sunday blessings, homilies on major Church holidays and on

world events and natural disasters.

We all know that the Pope and the Church Hierarchy have always a say about world events and natural disasters. These are, in fact, their favourite themes, especially regarding abortion (it's a woman's right to choose) divorce, gay weddings, etc.

To the victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters, all of us know what he's going to tell us: patience, resignation, prayers and God is with all of us!

If you can't feed your children, because you happen to have been made redundant and can't get another job: patience. God is with you.

If you get pregnant because of a rape, patience. It's what God wanted.

If.... Oh, how many crimes and unjustice in the name of God!

Go and twit him about this.


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