Reek Of Smelly Pits Or Lose Your Sense Of Smell Forever?

Would you rather questions are one of my favored thought activities; they can conjure up deep philosophical points to trivial answers to practical issues. However, on a superficial level most of these questions seem like just child’s play without the use of higher comprehensive abilities to really push the answer out of the question. Cause many may jump to one answer without thinking of the horrible repercussions of that said decision. So here is my favorite would you rather question of the day.

Of course these thoughts are only of my own opinion and it is very fair to

disagree, but allow me to try to convince you.

Would you rather
- Absolutely reek of armpits for the rest of your life?
- Completely lose your sense of smell

Now the online poll states that 86% picked “completely lose your sense of smell” while only 14% chose to smell, no reek like armpits for the rest of your life. Now I can understand why many jumped to choose to lose their sense of smell, but I do not think they made good judgment here. For one, smell is one of the major contributing factors of taste. Many think of taste as its own separate sense, but really it is just a combination of the smell, the texture, and the way food looks. All of those contribute to what we perceive of as smell. Second, if you absolutely reeked of armpits they do have inventions called deodorant, now however, assuming the smelly pit smells simply radiate from your body in all directions. Eventually you’d get used to your own smell for it would only be a problem for other people, which is still awful; this is still the decision of the lesser of the 2 evils. If you lacked smell completely you also loose a massive section of your memory – smell is one of the largest reactions for memory – while also losing an entire sense, while causing detriment to some of the other senses. Not only this but you wouldn’t be able to smell yourself and you wouldn’t know if

you reeked yourself, you’d just be taking odorless showers and going on odorless dates, without perfumes, deodorant, scent trees, the bakery aroma, or the pheromones release by other humans.

The 86% of people – which in this case are 248,670 people – who made this decision may also have indirectly caused their own death one day. Gas leaks are usually odorless but engineers coupled a smell to it so that you’d be able to detect the dangerous gas and find safety, so if you couldn’t smell you are more likely to die in those situations. Although smelling like armpits surely isn’t a desirable option, at least it ruin a section of your memory, and destroying you adventure for food and dates with other humans, and ultimately it won’t kill you in your home when you either forget to turn off the stove or if there is a gas leak present.

So I applaud the other 40,606 people (14% of the poll) who thought this out – or not – more thoroughly and made the right decision.

Now if you’re now interested of the site, it is called “yourather” and is chock full of “Would you Rather” questions submitted and voted by the people of the site. Here is the question of the day Smell like pits, or lose your smell Also feel free to take a few rounds about the site, it is absolutely a blast of fun at social gatherings. 

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