Yes, Finally A Multi-use Tool For Opening Plastic Packages


We have all been there before, you go out to your favorite retailers and you take home that thing you’ve always wanted. You haul it – or them – back home in your car and bring your loot into the security of your own household. Yet there’s still something separating you from satisfaction, a plastic packaging barrier, is it coomonly called a blister package. But don’t dwell in your grief anymore, now we have the tool for the job, the properly named “Open It” plastic package opener.

This 4 in one tool features a heavy duty scissor blade, a bottle

opener, a screw driver and a small box cutter. The scissor blade is made for cutting through those irksome plastic packages and well as severing the zip ties you see in Nerf gun packages and obviously among other things too. The blade’s advantage over common scissors is its strength and clever design. Its offset design allows the cut off plastic borders to slide underneath the scissor and away from your hand – because often times the freshly cut plastic borders are very sharp – and prevent a few unwanted cuts and scrapes.

Also located within the main scissor blade is a bottle cap opener to well, open bottles and such. Because of its location, the ‘Open It’ gives you extra leverage over caps to allow an easier action.
On the bottom end of the tool contains a screw driver and a small box-cutter, each one on each side of the scissor handle’s ends. The screw driver boasts an interchangeable flat edge and a crossed head which is housed in

the neat handle compartment. On the other handle there is a slide out – along with a cover for safety – box cutter that can be used to cut through packaging tape, along with whatever else you plan to use it for.

The Open It tool promotes space management with its relatively small size of just 8”x2”x1” well stored away. It accomplished this with a small lock feature – that also prevents small children from using the tool – that closed the scissor and prevents it from opening while also decreasing the amount of real estate it consumes in your kitchen drawers.

Still not convinced? Then take a closer look here

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