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One of the foundational ideas of democracy is the idea of having a say or a voice in a party system of government, in a society or civilization. Though celebrated in the United States and other countries many citizens do not really feel empowered. The internet is a worldwide communications tool, yet people do not tend to feel like anyone special because of all the other people online, but I think about it different; I think everyone has significant power online.
I used to look at the internet as just a really cool system of entertainment, though I still

share a similar view I have a deeper connection to it now. First of all, it is more than entertainment; it is a great source of free information – if you know where to look – and a cheap and efficient way of communicating with people all over the world, as if it were a worldwide telephone system. The internet is also a place for anyone and everyone to express themselves and share their opinions and thoughts without having to be an acclaimed writer. There is no need to be highly educated – though speaking out of ignorance is a very dangerous habit to partake in – to make significant changes to our world.
The biggest example and the way I came to realize this was Youtube’s rating system. They have always had ratings with both the stars and now the like/dislike bars. I didn’t use to pay much mind to these tools until I realized how powerful they can be, for they can give ratings – first of all – give support to the creator and channel while also helping to spread the video by helping to push it up the system and possibly onto the front page of

a youtube category. In addition the thought of contributing to the internet and helping people generate income from advertisements also excited me, for I did not have to create content in order to contribute, simply using the internet is improving the metaphorical blood flow to and fro with the heart of the internet. Thus helping to create a bigger market and adding to the viewership and activity to websites. Using the “like/dislike” service adds even more to this. You should not be afraid of pressing the dislike button; it is there not to hurt but to express the feelings of the audience.
Comments have an even higher impact as they are a direct expression of you, of what you have typed into your keyboard. Even more is to speak out against the crowd when you know in your heart of what is right – of course talking out of ignorance would be the wrong choice – and what you know professional out a topic, because often times the crowd is very ignorant of the true reality of life. If you are a professional of anything, better to speak out and educate than to leave them blissfully ignorant.
Though each act is small on its own, with the aid of others a ripple effect can be potentially achieved. Though this is an exaggeration, this is the same way revolutions start, by the actions of a single person especially those who are unafraid of showing the world who they are and what they think of it. The internet is the perfect too to spreading both ignorance and knowledge; it’s simply a matter of who will take up the stand first and who will pursue harder and smarter.

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