3 Fabulously Fun Rc Toys For Your Inner Child

Do you remember when you were a kid and you like cars and planes and really anything that moved fast and looked cool? Do you remember the cool RC cars and planes that you’d pretend were real and drive/fly around the house or fields? Well those were pretty cool but now they are pretty common day RC toys. Now you need something different, no longer will you settle for your normal old car or plane. No, you need something from my list of cool RC toys to satisfy your thirst.

Edge Robotic Arm Kit
Here’s the scenario, you are sitting

at your computer desk and you need to grab your flash drive; however, you’re bored of using your own arm and there’s no one beside you to do your dirty work. Lucky enough you have this Robotic Arm that allows you to control a fully functional robotic arm to fetch you that flash drive. Perhaps it is not the best – not to mention time consuming – method, but it is surely a fun one.
Now I did mention it was a kit, meaning you have to assemble it yourself. But if you love making and building stuff, then this will be a fun and rewarding task. Requiring approximately 2 hours to fully assemble – quite a long time to get that flash drive sitting across the desk – this robotic arm includes 5 separate motors granting you 5 different axes of motion so you can get navigate about your desk and the obstacles included. This remote controlled robotic arm is sure to burn a few hours of your day as providing a fun building experience, but let’s not forget that it is a toy,
so you can play with it after you’re done. These are a bit costly at $50, quite a price to pay just to get your flash drive.

Air Swimmers
I have mentioned (in a previous toy review column) before but I’ll do it again. The Air Swimmer is a series of large flying remotely controlled fish. Featuring a bass, clownfish and a shark this is sure to brighten the eyes of children along with your fellow co-workers (granted you find a way of sneaking this beast of a toy into your office).
The air swimmers are capable of both vertical and horizontal control and have a very fast learning curve; that way both small children and veteran RC pilots can enjoy. Despite its ability to take up valuable real estate in your closets, this toy is surely a lot of fun to fly. Plus it can be flown in both a limited area such as your living room or in a vast space such as a mall or cafeteria. The price tag on these usually hover around $40

Flying F@$% R/C Helicopter
Perhaps not the most child friendly toy available, this RC helicopter features incredible vulgar language. This R/C chopper is literally a flying F-Bomb, as the meme/saying goes around the internet. This is sure to give people a double take on what they have just witnessed, but beware for the ownership of said toy is sure to raise a few condemning glances. Available at stores for $20


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