What Does Your Poop Say About Your Health: Part 1 Texture

Nobody really wants to talk about this piece of private business that goes on behind bathroom stalls. Although performing #2 in the stalls may seem like an easy task, there is a very complex ‘story’ behind it. Haven’t you ever wondered why sometimes your poop looks a little different, albeit the texture or even the color. Well here we will explore the strange world of the classification of the textures and colors of your poo.

Textures and the Bristol Stool Scale
There are 7 different types on differential stool textures and consistencies. Each type has specific guidelines and indications on your

poo health. This scale is more commonly known as the Bristol Stool Scale and is used for medical aid to distinguish between the 7 different classes.

Constipation Classes
Type 1 – granular lumps, like tiny nuts. They are usually very hard to poop out. These lack water.
Type 2 – are sausage shaped but are incredibly lumpy. They are also usually very dry and are like the previous type but are clumped together.
Healthy Class
Type 3 – These are also sausage shaped but with superficial cracks on the surface. Unlike type 2, these contain more liquid and are joined together better.
Type 4 – These are also sausage shaped but are very smooth and easy to pass. Healthy poo usually has the right amount of water and solids. The un-healthy types are either incredibly dry, or incredibly wet and contain an excess of liquids.
Diarrhea Class
Type 5 – similar to that of the type 1 stool, type 5 poop come out in clumps instead of hard nuts. They are usually quite squishy and contain more liquid than they should.

6 – This is on the borderline of diarrhea, this class consists of fluffy pieces of stool with jagged edges.
Type 7 – is full on diarrhea, this is all water and no solids.


Now that I have helped to expand your knowledge of poo, it is likely that you’ll never view a piece of poo the same again. For me it has sparked curiosity as well as making trips to the bathroom more interesting. If you’re not grossed out by now, consider reading the second part covering the various different colors of poop and its hidden meaning.
What does your poop say about your health part 2 color

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