The Beautiful Food Art Of Watermelon Carving

Watermelons are large green melons great for consumption during a blazing summer afternoon. Perhaps one of the most refreshing fruits with its delicious red flesh that bursts with sweet juice. Yet, this beautiful fruit is capable of more for within the watermelon disguises a hidden potential, watermelon carvings. This Thai art is a beautiful afternoon activity that shapes your common day watermelon into a piece of art. Many say great works of art starts with a blank canvas; here it is the untouched virgin watermelon.

Watermelon carvings are a sub group of fruit and vegetable carvings, and most likely

originated in the Thai country. But now thanks to communication technologies these fine arts are spreading across the globe and are now a common past time in the states and western nations. Although a sub group of vegetable caring I think they have earned their place for they are quite unique. Because unlike pumpkin carvings or other fruits, watermelons have 3 distinct layers, the first in the green shell followed by the white skin, and most importantly – this is also what separates watermelons from everything else – is the red flesh. This red color highlights many works with their high contrast with the green and white skin making for a new dimension in melon carvings. This physical feature makes for truly attractive works, that will be great at many social gatherings, both formal and informal.

Making one of these is no easy task; there are many steps from picking the fruit to learning the skills of the trade. These works of art are made with knives and a steady hand, so pick out a nice sharp one for easy cuts but also be careful. The knife (and an artistic eye & mind) are not the only tools necessary for the job, a good canvas or melon in this case is key. First each artist must pick out a ripe fruit – for they will be working on each one for at least a couple of hours – and would be shame if you picked a bad

“apple”. A good watermelon is heavy and relatively symmetrical – even ovals or spheres – they should also have a nice creamy yellow smudge located on the bottom of the melon. This forms from the watermelon sitting on the soil and is a good sign for determining if it is ripe. After you’ve acquired the perfect canvas you must wash and refrigerate for freshness and a splash of vinegar to prevent germs from leaving your knife and into the melon.

Maybe you aren’t ready to produce them yet, no matter they are still a wondrous sight to behold. Words can only do so much, the field of watermelon art requires more. So please visit some galleries, I will provide you one, but continue your search on Google for there are many glories of watermelon carvings. 75 Beautiful WaterMelon Carvings

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